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‘Material mediums’. Sarah Sparkes (mixed media, 2014)

Image credit: ‘Material mediums’. Sarah Sparkes (mixed media, 2014)

Voices in the dark: a season celebrating the séance (22 Oct – 13 Nov 2015)

Incorporating items from the Library’s impressive paranormal holdings, events include: Geraldine Beskin on Helen Duncan (prosecuted in 1944 under the Witchcraft Act), Michael Coffey’s live recreation of a fraudulent séance, Sarah Sparkes on artistic responses to our paranormal holdings, and a guided walk by author Scott Wood to sites of spiritualist and occult interest.

Upcoming exhibition


Exhibition: 28 Sept – 12 Dec 2015

How do ideas transform from the intellect and imagination into the physical world?

This exhibition explores how early printed books and objects used the image to generate new visual forms. As the new optics and scientific instruments transcended the limits of the naked eye, artists used these tools to manifest their ideas – transforming our perception from reader to spectator, and providing an understanding of visual culture.

From the blog

Photo: Charles Harrowell 2015. Dingwall’s ‘Box of Necessities’ (séance investigation kit). Eric Dingwall archive, SHL.

As part of the Voices in the dark season of events focusing on the séance phenomenon, Christopher Josiffe explores the extraordinary case of the medium Mina Crandon or ‘Margery’.